How can I send BAT to an unverified Uphold wallet?

I have only one question. I have an uphold wallet, with seed and all, but it’s not yet verified. It says it won’t verify until it contains at least 25 BAT. I happen to have 250 BAT in another wallet. So my question is, how do I send 25 BAT to my unverified uphold wallet? I know how to send BAT, that’s not the problem. It’s just that I don’t get an address to send funds to as long as my uphold wallet is not verified, or at least, I can’t find an address anywhere. So, where should I send those BAT if I don’t even have an address to send it to?

Android? Then the only way is to have that 25 BAT first in your Rewards wallet. No ability to send to Android’s Rewards wallet.

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I’m on a PC, and it runs windows 10.
I don’t use my smartphone anymore. Only to log in to manage my cryptos, but that’s it. It used to be my navigator, everywhere I went, until I learned about electromagnetic pollution.
No smartphones for me, thanks.
Which is a pity. A smart watch would really be nice to have, but I can’t. It’s immoral.
Thank you for your reply!

If it’s on desktop, and you’ve a verified Uphold account, then you should be able to bypass the requirement, CMIIW.

Click that “log in” button?


I want to send BAT to my UNverified uphold wallet, in order to have it verified. My question was how can I send BAT to an UNverified uphold wallet.

So most likely I misunderstood your question. 🤷

If you want to send to Uphold from external wallet, then you should get an address if you visit your Uphold account.

Also, 25 BAT is not a requirement to verify your Uphold account. It’s a requirement to connect your Rewards wallet to your Uphold account.

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I think I did not have an uphold account yet. But I do have an account now. I’ll see if I can find my uphold wallet.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: