How can I send BAT from Brave browser to another wallet?


I transfer an amount of BAT I bought from an exchange into the Brave browser wallet.
How can I transfer back to another wallet this amount of BAT?
So far, I’ve only found out about the option to deposit but no for withdrawals.



Hi @vgiannoutsos,

Thats because the browser wallet is currently unidirectional. Mean to support publishers/creators. 2 ways wallet is coming, IIRC.



BAT and BAT sent to Brave are two different things. Sort of like USD cash and USD cash given to Starbucks for a Starbucks card. They have similar value, but the transfer is unidirectional. Cash in your hand is decentralized, but cash on a Starbucks card is centralized.

In order for Brave to enable transfers to another party, one of two things have to happen. One option is to leave it centralized, and you can ask them to send the BAT to another account. In that case, they need AML+KYC features just like exchanges and Coinbase. I hope Brave isn’t going this route.

The other option is for them to make BAT in the browser decentralized so you can send it to others directly without asking them to send it. To do this, they would have to either make BAT in the browser stay on the ETH blockchain so you own the private key rather than them, or they have to make a second decentralized blockchain similar to Lightning network and let you own the private key.

As long as we have the private key and not them, then it can be decentralized and we can send it wherever we went. Today when you buy Starbucks points and send BAT to Brave, they own the private key, not us.


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