How can I see BAT tokens earnings

I am a new user. I do not see any BAT rewards in my wallet. I kept my Brave rewards on. Do I need to set up anything?

Did you connect a custodian, ZebPay for that matter?

By custodian do you mean an app which deals with crypto currency like CoinDCX? How to connect with it?

CoinDCX is only an crypto exchange, if im right.

Click on brave rewards icon, click on connect to custodian, you will be redirected to a page where you’ll see an option to login via ZebPay.

Prior to this you’ll need to create a ZebPay account and also verify it by completing your KYC, can be done by visiting the site or download the app from PlayStore.

Once you are logged in via ZebPay in Brave Rewards, you’ll be able to see your monthly earnings.

I connected to Zebpay in my laptop but the option (clicking on brave rewards icon and then connecting) is not available in my iPad.

Correct, can’t earn on iOS.

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