How can I securely download Brave browser?

I have spent a year with a hacker in my computer, pestering me, and have had the computer cleaned twice. The repair guy said not to download anything from the Internet. I am using Google Chrome currently on an i[date=2019-04-06 timezone=“America/New_York”]Mac computer, but I would like to try the Brave browser. Can you guarantee a clean download of the software? Or does your company mail out the code on a CD, as in the old days?

thanks, karen

A long as you download it from the official website you will be safe.

I feel sorry for you having been hacked @sam7. I’m actually surprised a Macintosh got hacked. Did you find out how?

Karen I’d recommend you purchase solution by Kaspersky and later if you wished consider downloading/purchasing a modern VPN service from a reputable provider. (Not a browser plugin but a desktop version)

I’m sure you’ll be pretty safe being transferred to Brave’s homepage via any popular search engine and then just clicking the download button.

It so sweet of you to think that Brave would burn a copy of their latest stable version of their browser and deliver it to you.:slight_smile:

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