How can I save multiple torrent files?


I am downloading entire discographies and saving every single music file is extremely time consuming and tedious. Is there any way to save all files at once? I haven’t found this answer yet.



Hi @supra97, forgive me but I’m a little confused - is this something that only happens in Brave? Are you unable to download a torrent containing multiple files? From what website do you get your torrents? What client are you using to download them


Hi, I’m using the built in Brave ability to download the torrents. There are multiple files within the torrent itself and it seems I have to click the small arrow to save each file individually. When I use a program like Deluge it will download and save the entire torrent file’s contents to a folder of my choosing. Hope that makes sense.


Would you mind sending me a screenshot of what it looks like after you click on a torrent with multiple files (like an album, for instance)? After you click “Start torrent” when the Webtorrent tab pops up, if there are multiple files to the torrent they should all start downloading simultaneously. What torrent site are you downloading from? And are you downloading the torrent itself from the site or clicking “magnet link”?

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@supra97 @Mattches an issue logged for this here

Alternatively, you can find your downloaded torrent files inside your /tmp folder.

  • Windows - %appdata%\Local\Temp\webtorrent
  • macOS, Linux - /tmp/webtorrent

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Yes this definitely helped! I did a search but didn’t find this thread. Feel free to delete this one!


Glad to know that it helps @supra97. :slight_smile:
Closing this thread for now. Feel free to open new one if you have another request, feedback, or issue report.


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