How can I recover my Brave data and wallet from a backup on Mac?


For starters: I’m using Mac Sierra v10.12.3

I tend to use Brave on my work computer. When Mac released the High Sierra update, the update borked a bunch of work things and I had to do a downgrade OS back to Mac Sierra v10.12.3. I found the “~/Library/Application Support” folder in my backup and copied it over. That got me back my wallet, which is great. But all my browser history is gone. Which is a shame because my first payment distribution date is coming up. I know the history is there somewhere, since it seems to be in the Application Support folder. Why doesn’t Brave see it? Is the browser history stored somewhere else?


@suguru Any insights you can provide? Where is the history stored on Mac and is there a way I can transfer it over?


Browser history should have been stored inside session-store-1 file in the ~/Library/Application Support/brave .

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