How Can I Receive Tips From My Referrals?

Hey ‘Brave’ peoples :slight_smile:

So how you guys getting tips from your referrals?

I’m running a YouTube channel which is verified by Brave.
The channel has like 12K subs and growing. My videos are getting 20K-30K views.

So, my question is, if some referral wants to tip me automatically, should they have to verify their accounts with Uphold?

I mean to say, some referral gained few BATs and they want to tip me should they have to verify themselves?

Some inputs will be great.


No, they don´t need to be verified, then only thing is that, if they are not verified they just not going to have their BAT transfered to their Uphold wallet at the end of the month. Let say that uphold acts like an online wallet and the one created by BRAVE is only local. Using an analogy, insted of giving you the money personally (an unverified wallet) i deposit your earnings to your bank account and afther that you can use them (your verified wallet) by the end of the month.

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