How can i log in in Brave browser?

I mean, for example, i have bookmarks that i import for google chrome.
In chrome, i can uninstall the browser and log in with my gmail account, and all my config, bookmark etc etc is with me again, so , the point is, if i wanna use this browser, like principal browser, but i need uninstall, or install the browser in another pc, or format my pc and install again Brave browser, how can i get my configuration with my history, bookmarks, passwords, etc …

I hope you can help me ,

Thank you !!

There is no login feature for Brave and there wont be one in future as well. For bookmarks we are implementing Sync which works with other Brave browsers on desktop/iOS/Android. In future iterations sync would also support history and site settings and possibly passwrods. But at no point will you ever have to login to use any of these features.

Hope this helps. The Google features you mentioned are not going to be part of Brave as the application model is very different.


So, if i need to Uninstall Brave, i would lost all my bookmarks, History, configuration… Etc etc…?..

There is an option for save all this information?

Im new in this kind of things and i tried this browser and is amazing!!! :smiley:

Thank you for answer me! :smiley:

A couple things:

  1. Brave Sync is under heavy testing and will be ready for deployment fairly soon. You’ll be able to use this feature to Sync browsing data across all devices. Make sure you check in here on Community and on our Official Blog for announcements on Brave Sync.
  2. When you uninstall Brave, you should see a prompt asking wither or not you’d like to uninstall associated browsing data as well. If you do not check this box (that is, you do not want to uninstall browsing data), your profile information will remain on your machine in the directory it was installed on. So, if you’re simply un/reinstalling Brave, you should still have your data once you reinstall (Note: Sometimes weird stuff happens, you may want to make a copy of this folder and save its somewhere safe just in case!).

Let me know if any of this is unclear. Additionally, if you provide your OS I can also assist you in locating the relevant files on your machine.

  1. Ohh well i didnt tried to uninstall the browser so i didnt know… that is nice :3

  2. Well, my Os is windows 10 - 64 bits, and well if i save that folder… and i put that folder in another pc … could works The browser with all this info?.. Could u please teache me how?.. Ty :smiley:

Since you are on Windows, when you try to uninstall you would get a prompt to remove the data folder. Just make sure you don’t select that option, this way your profile will remain intact.

Ideally yes if its a Windows - Windows copy. But there could be some tricky things which might go wrong and might actually fail. But it should be possible.

Looping in @btlechowski as he tried moving folders around on Windows.

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@vashellsing just a quick update. Brave Sync is already available for stable release version 0.59.34. :wink: Release Channel Update 0.59.34 is live!

ty so much ! :smiley:

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