How can I know what tab I am on?


The font color is not subdued for the tabs I currently am not on. So, I don’t know what tab I’m on.

I want these to be considered:

  1. Maybe the tabs other other than the one I’m on should have a faded/subdued white font color.
  2. The alternative can also be considered, and all but the tab I’m currently on are not of a subdued white font color.

i) I waste time switching to the wrong tab, when I don’t know the name of the tab I’m on. Crosschecking the name when I hover on the specific tab, with the header or such feature of the tab I can see displayed wastes even more time. If I have more than three tabs, it already becomes problematic.

ii) I often accidentally close a tab, thinking it was another tab. In private windows, which I use to avoid cookies, the issue becomes more aggravating, particularly when I’ve searched, and opened a number of tabs, then closed the search results to focus on the tabs opened, and I then get lost searching for the right tab.

iii) The tabs indicate when one of them is playing audio. I don’t want a string attached to a tab saying ‘you are here’, though. I would like to be able to differentiate between my tabs by a simple visual difference. Having a whole tab with a different color makes it less sleek too.

iv) I’m using a lower brightness mode, with a focus on warmer colors. That prevents me from distinguishing gray from black too, for the tab colors.

I don’t want to waste my time.
I want to be more efficient.
I don’t want the recognition that I’m on another tab to be obnoxious, nor non-existent. I want to be able to recognise my tabs, and make the process less demanding than searching for it blindly, and even missing it, at times, if I’m not familiar with the address, and that it does not correlate with the topic I’m seeing when hovering over it, since the address is jumbled up, and the header of the page is related, but does not match.

Please add this feature.