How can I join the Brave Slack community?

I keep seeing Slack community links around the forum, but I am unable to join the channel at the moment. Can someone clarify how to join?

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Interesting. I can’t say I’ve noticed this. Can you provide links to some of the posts you’ve seen? I’m just really curious! :smiley:

I think Brave does use Slack for internal communication. I also think it is private and not open to the public so you would need permission to join. You could join Slack for free and see if you have access to the links posted.

I see a lot of GitHub links. You can view the information linked without joining. If you wanted to post you would have to join, but joining is free. Most of the Brave GitHub information is public. I do see links to Slack within issue comments occasionally which require a login. Again, I think these links are internal communications and would probably require permission to access. I doubt Brave would give you permission unless you were an employee or part of the development team.


You shouldn’t. The only places I’ve seen them shown is at Github. Slack is internal communication between Brave staff and thus isn’t open to the public. As Chocoholic said, I’d be curious to see where you’re claiming that you see the links here at the forum?

I tried doing a quick search now and just saw one where a person said they had issues with Slack on Brave and then the others were all part of Github discussion, such as at where it says:

Community thread:
How to hide brave stats in android
Internal Slack convo:

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