How can I help bring the Brave Rewards system to T&T?

How can i help bring Brave Rewards to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago

Im From Trinidad so im just trying to help bring the browser to the country in its full blown glory. So … how can i help ?

Simply be patient! We’re adding Brave Rewards/Ads to more and more regions as fast as we can! It takes a long time (or at least it can) to get everything running on the up and up do to different regional regulations.

We appreciate your patience while we work hard to get our platform in as many hands as we can, thank you.

Sure, that is not a problem. I am very patient. Just keep me posted if you can and if there is anything I can do to help bring it on stream here in Trinidad, let me know. I am also a content creator by my own right and can help fill the ad requirements if necessary.

Thanks Again.

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