How can i get notified the second a brave update releases?

hey. im wondering if its possible to be notified the second a brave update releases? i always get prompted to update in my brave a long time after an update gets released, so im wondering if theres like a discord announcements channel or something where i can be notified when a new release comes out so ik to update. thanks so much!

Updates are Automatic, While you Shutdown your PC and Launch it during the Next Session, Updates will be applied, There is No need to do Manual ReLaunch in Updates Page of Brave Everytime while a New Release becomes available. Since You do not have the option to Block updates, Instant Notifications are Not needed, You can keep track of Updates by Checking here Weekly.

Hey @estrobink. Part of the challenge in trying to provide an answer is that you didn’t mention which OS. This aspect is important because if you mean Android or iOS, there’s no way to track of which I’m aware.

I would say Github but iOS but they haven’t been providing updates there regularly. For example, is the changelog for iOS but there have been no updates since 1.65.122 two months ago (at the time I’m writing this), yet the current version of Brave on iOS is 1.67. So even if someone tried to subscribe to that, we’d be missing it.

In terms of Desktop, @steeven usually will post a topic within here on Brave Community when anything is done.

If you go to that category as linked, you’ll see it looks something like below. Hit that bell icon image and you can subscribe to it, best option would be Watching.


Doing this would at least let you know when new topics are created. Initially it would just send you notifications via this site. But if you want it to send you emails when he responds, then you can go to your profile → preferences and you’ll see something like below (I have the drop down box expanded to show options on the screenshot)


So the email when quoted or something happens to something you’re Watching, if you put it to Always then it would send you emails when Steeven creates a new topic there. Of course, it will send emails for all the other activities as well. But at least that’s an option.

The Desktop and Android changelogs are and but when I was looking for a way to watch or subscribe to it, I am not seeing the buttons. I’m sure there’s a way, but it’s not something I’m familiar of.