How can I get my BAT from Brave rewards

I can’t get my 23.04 BAT from Brave rewards


Hi, describe the problem more specifically

How I can get my summary?

If you mean Brave rewards as in red triangle beside URL bar then you can link uphold to it
Rewards are automatically withdrawn on 5th of every month to linked uphold account and there may be a capcha to solve to claim your funds and that was for dextop Brave
Withdrawing bat on Android is not yet available so you can hold on to it till the feature is enabled or tip em off
also there is no way to backup wallet passphrase in Android yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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‘‘You’ve earned 22.8 BAT from Brave Rewards!’’ came into my mail. I downloaded Brave browser both my computer and phone. Also I connected Uphold account. But there wasn’t any BAT. That says brave rewards bat

23.04 BAT appears here. But I don’t know how I could get.

Hi @delgermurunsh,
First, your brave://rewards wallet (BAT triangle icon at URL bar) is not related to your account. It’s two different wallet with two different purposes.

And for BAT on your creators account, it’ll be deposited to your Uphold wallet around 8th.


how can I get BAT from account?

This one @delgermurunsh :point_up::slight_smile:

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