How can I get a bug fixed?

I filed a bug a couple months ago. It received little attention, but I wanted it fixed. So after a month, I fixed it myself and I submitted a pull request. But it’s been about a month since I submitted that and still no comments on either.

Is there some other way I can go about getting a bug fixed in Brave?

Mention someone from the team? Maybe @clifton (bsclifton on GitHub) can help with that. Saw his username on the GitHub issue above.

Thanks! I’ll try mentioning bsclifton in the bug and see if that does anything.

Update (8 days later): Still no response; my attempt to improve Brave may prove fruitless… :frowning:

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Thanks for the issue and patch @edduv and apologies for the long response time

I’ll try and find a reviewer for the PR you put together :smiley:

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