How can I edit top sites on iOS?


To start: I’m really enjoying Brave and looking to increase its ease and usefulness for me.

I didn’t see this posted anywhere on the community site (though I did see a thread on editing top sites on the desktop Brave application.

How can I edit the top sites on iOS? I see how I can remove ones I don’t need but I don’t see how I can add new sites to this page.

Appreciate any help you can provide.


You can edit/rearrange the NTP favorites by tapping on the URL bar, then long-pressing on the desired tile – drag the tile to rearrange, continue to long-press to view additional options like Remove.

Thanks Mattches. Is there any way to add more tiles? I tap on the URL bar and see my favorites. When I try to drag a site down to add it, I can’t add any new tiles (link to screen recording: Screen Recording

At this time you can only add up to four tiles – I do believe we plan on expanding this in future releases.

Ok, sounds good. Thanks for all of your help!

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