How can i edit mobile new tab page?

i use brave browser on mobile and desktop.

it is a good browser but one thing makes me uncomfortable.

why can’t this browser edit a new tab page link shortcut?

not only on the mobile, but also on the desktop too.

and in the mobile why doesn’t this browser add “Youtube” shortcut to the new tab page?

am i wrong? or a problem of brave brower?

plz tell me the solution

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Hello @justblack,
Yes currently there’s no way to edit Top Sites on New Tab Page. Top Sites is currently populated based on your browsing history.

On desktop, the team is working to add the ability to manually edit Top Sites.


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thanks for your quick reply
i understand top site system.
but there’s something wrong about it.
i use Youtube the most with this browser
but any other sites are added in newtabpage but as you see that uploaded image, Strangely, only YouTube don’t be added on the mobile browser.


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Me too. I use YouTube mostly at my android but the icon of YouTube doesn’t appear at top sites never. Can be possible to fix this?

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