How can i earn more BAT?

how can i earn more BAT. i am not able to earn a total of even 1 BAT per month. every time its just around 0.6111 or something. please suggest

Perhaps where you live has something to do with ads delivered in your region. In countires that have large ad catalogs you can earn more. In addition, are you able to receiive new tab page ads that show up when you open every 4 new tabs? These payout 0.005 BAT per view and you can receive only 4 in an hour with a max daily cap of 20. You should take advantage of that. When BAT is low and advertisers pay mroe for ads, new tab page ads could be as much as 0.010 BAT. But recently with BAT being valued too high, new tab page ads are only valued at 0.005 BAT. Once again I believe only certain regions qualify for these new tab page ads as well.

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