How can I delete websites of the list "websites which are always allowed to use cookies", the trash can does not do anything

As mentioned, it is not possible to delete websites from this list, as the trashcan does not react, when you click on it

@xida2001 Long story short, this is an issue that has been sent to staff and they are working on. I don’t have the Github link right now, but it’s a known issue at least. The problem is that it’s not a “critical” issue so I think it’s going to be a while before it gets addressed.

That said, SOME of those things can be removed by going to the exact link you see listed, such as the one that says and you’ll likely notice that your Brave Shield is turned off. Either way, toggle it on/off and then try to delete it, often they will go away. But this will only be able to successfully remove a certain amount of things, not 100% until it’s fixed.

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