How can i confirm here

what can i do


What you trying to do? Get your YouTube channel verified for Or else?

Title + image + short description will not give us enough information about your question.

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I want my YouTube channel to be verified for

Here is an answer from @eljuno

Does it happen when I upload videos to my youtube account

You have already your creators account?
Or you still don´t have one and you are asking before creating one?

if you already have a creator´s account justo go to your dashbord and:
Click on add channel:

Then select yt and follow the instructions

I have to mention that the change will be reflected on several decives on a period of 72+ hours or sometimes it will appear verified on your desktop or mobile when you update your browser.

I have a channel and I added it 2 days ago.

Then is matter of time to be verified. Like i said, this process takes time to be delivered to devices around the globe. Be patient, if this do not change in the next browser update, then the admin will need to check on it.

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