How can I collect the BAT that I have in my cell account

How can I collect the BAT that I have in my cell account. some way to transfer them or to be able to use them? If you help me, I would appreciate it.

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Android? Latest version 1.10.x have the ability to connect your Uphold account. Click BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

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Me too I have the same problem my bat is in my wallet but not in my uphold account.


Make sure you are on the latest Android Brave Version…1.10.x, open Brave Browser on Android, click Brave triangle (top right), then “Verify Wallet” (will be towards left) after hitting triangle. Sign in to Uphold through that and it should link your BAT to the Uphold wallet to do with what you please. Pretty simple unless there’s a problem with your phone, Brave, or Uphold account(s).

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Is verified account.


Thanks a lot.

help me with something else.
How can I put my seed words back on my cell phone to recover an account?

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