How can I clear the cookies for a specific site?

This page describes how to do it, but it seems hopelessly out of date —

@adamralph instead of brave://settings/siteData it’s brave://settings/content/all

Overall the directions they gave on getting there manually would have gotten you to it. SettingsPrivacy and securitySite and Shields Settings. Then you would see View permissions and data stored across sites.

Names of things can change. Usually doesn’t hurt to go through menus and try to look in areas where things belong to see what you can recognize. Often you’ll find it and perhaps discover things you didn’t know you could do along the way.,

Yeah, @steeven, @Mattches, or someone from Support should be going through and updating the Help Center stuff like you linked to when changes happen. I’m not taking away from that. But just wanted to give a friendly suggestion on poking around a bit sometimes to see what is available to you, especially when/if something changes and isn’t where it used to be.

Thanks @Saoiray. I did spend some time looking around the settings and using the search, but I couldn’t find it.

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Working on a bunch of Help Center updates and this document is one of them. Will try and prioritize it.