How can I clear only one specific site history and data?


How can I clear a specific site history and data? Is there any filter on the privacy settings that filters and cleans by site, instead of period of time? Is there a “clear all from this site” option anywhere?


@Erica Whenever you post, it usually helps if you can provide details about your operating system, at the very least (often browser version is also really important). It really helps on being able to provide clearer instructions. As you can imagine, answers will vary between Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

For now, I’ll just kind of guide as if on Windows (which kind of works the same on Android, but not on iPhone)

Method #1

When you’re on a website, like currently I’m here at How can I clear only one specific site history and data? you’ll see a lock icon in your Search Bar. If you left click on that, you’ll see where it says Site Settings among other things. Such as in my screenshot below.

Untitled - Paint 12_4_2022 00_01_23

If you then click on Site Settings, it will take you to where everything is at for the one particular site. Something like you see below:

From there you’d be able to Clear Data.

Method #2

Go to brave://settings/content/all, which manually would be SettingsPrivacy and securityCookies and other site dataSee all site data and permissions

From there, you’ll see a list of sites. You can sort it different ways, but in that you can individually delete if you want some to remain and others not. Example screenshot is below:

Of course, each of those is collapsible. Such as when I click on the one for I see:

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Thank you so much, @Saoiray!
Next time I’ll remember to provide details about my system. It’s Windows 10, I’m using Brave version 1.46.134 Chromium: 108.0.5359.94 64 bits, I keep it updated.

Hi, @Saoiray. Today I realized that, although this method cleans cookies, they don’t clean the history, that’s what I really wanted. Is that any way to clear the history of only one site?

Anyone who knows?

@Erica I’m not sure that there’s a way to get rid of entire history for just one site. I do know when you look at History, you can delete each individual entry. I also know when you click on the hamburger menu (three dots) of an entry, you can choose More from this site and it will show all entries in your History from that site, such as you see below:

Then you could check off each one. Though doesn’t seem to be a “select all” or anything. I highly doubt there’s a function like that, but I’ll tag @Mattches to see if perhaps is something of which I’m not aware.

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The best way to clear history from a specific site/sites is as @Saoiray says — going to Settings → History and searching for the specific site will bring up any browsing history data related to that site. From there you can select and delete what you’d like (also note that you can Shift + click these items as well, making it easy to select multiple entries at once).

Is this what you were looking to be able to do @Erica?

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Ooh, nice! That’s something I didn’t realize. I was like, man, I have to click every checkbox!

So yeah, nice to see that clicking a box and then doing Shift + click on another box will automatically click all the boxes between. Here I was looking for a Select All button or something though. Perhaps something they can consider.


Thanks so much , @Saoiray and @Mattches. That’s what I wanted, some way to automatically click all the checkboxes from one site, instead of clicking each one of them. Nice this “Shift + click” option, since there’s no “Select all” button yet. Thanks!