How can I change the QR code for ios to Android to recieve my BAT reward

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**Description of the issue:changing QR code for ios to claim BAT rewards to android QR code, as I use android.

How can this issue be reproduced?

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Brave Version( check About Brave): version 1.4

Mobile Device details Samsung Note 10

Additional Information:

The QR code is the Wallet Payment ID from the desktop instance of Brave. In theory, you might be able to generate a QR code using the Wallet Payment ID of the Android instance, but I wouldn’t encourage that. This would be an unsupported scenario, and any mishap could result in permanently lost rewards.

Ok then please let me know how am I supposed to withdraw already present BAT tokens now mate. As Automatic addition of funds from my brave wallet to uphold wallet has not occurred for the past three weeks

Have you already initiated the QR-based transfer with a desktop device? If so, have you not seen any rewards transferred to the card associated with your desktop instance?

Hello bro
I have not recieved BAT tokens as yet from my android device account.

kindly check out these two snapshots of my brave rewards and wallet

At first I would Like to thank and appreciate your services. Your prompt reply means alot to me. Shows your customer care High standards.
Repying to my querry, i use brave on my laptop as well as on my
Android. So I am expecting tge deposits separately aswell

The QR code on desktop would direct you rewards to desktop. Did you attempt to send them instead to your Android device (by creating a QR code using the Android device’s Payment ID)?

I always transfer my desktop BAT rewards to Desktop Uphold account. And this androids in androids

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what issue you’re reporting.

Just to clarify, Brave on iOS comes with a QR code scanner, which is designed to transfer rewards on that iOS device to your desktop computer. If your desktop is verified with Uphold, that would result in your iOS rewards being transferred to your “Brave Browser” card in Uphold.

How does your Android device relate to this scenario? Thanks!

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