How can i cancel dumb brave vpn subscription

Why you wouldn’t send any information about how to install in the initial email I’ve no idea, support is confusing, what’s the point really? I’d like to cancel and try nord vpn instead.

Because there’s no installation. The VPN is built into the browser and doesn’t need to be added and can’t be removed. If you activate on the same device you’re using, it will automatically be ready. And if you need to use on other devices, you follow the instructions at Of course, a lot of other information on the Help center if you simply looked there. More about VPN is at or you can go to for whichever areas you would like to learn more on.

Okay, then cancel. You would cancel it the same exact way you started using it. If you’re on a mobile device, then that means your subscription is in your app store. If you did it on something like a desktop, then you know you created an account at and simply need to return to it and choose to cancel.

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