How can I buy BBO$ with my BAT?

I have my Brave Wallet and the amount of BAT is worth more than 10 USD (minimum amount to buy BBO$). I wish to use my BAT to buy BBO$ (tokens used to pay in Bridge Base Online site). The site accept only USD. Can I make an online trade that allow me to buy BBO$ ?? Please teach me how to do it.

Hi @Buty1954

We have a swap service within Brave wallet that allows you to swap between tokens on EVM supported chains and Solana. I couldn’t find the token you mentioned, if you can try find it on, then we can try see do we support this token.



Thank you for replay. Unfortunately does not help.
BBO$ is a token that can be only bought (with US$ stable coin at 1/1 rate) and used on Bridge Base Online site. Once bought can not be changed with anything else. If using BBO$ I would eventually win more the amount can be only used there, avoiding the need of a new buy. It is not a real crypto coin subject to exchange rates listed online. I need to know if my BAT tokens can be changed online in US$ (or an gift card valued in US$) and the result can be used also online to buy BBO$.

Hi @Buty1954,

You can send your BAT to a centralized exchange such as Coinbase or Binance, where you can then sell the BAT for USD.

You could also use Brave Wallet’s swap functionality to swap BAT into ETH, and then send the ETH to your PayPal account. You could then use the PayPal account to pay Bridge Base Online for BBO$

Please let us know if this helps

Thank you for your answer. Maybe can help others. For me was just a bit of knowhow.
On BBO site I can use a PayPal account as alternate to a card. I tried to learn how a PayPal account work. I saw no use of ETH. PayPal seem to work just for stable coins currencies. Also PayPal ask a mobile phone number to create a personal account. My wish was to work with my laptop where I have my Brave Wallet.

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