How can I buy BAT before getting to the 25 needed to link to wallet

I just started out with brave and BAT. I would like to buy some BAT, to hold in my account. Is it possible to buy BAT actually before reaching the 25 BAT by advertisement and connecting my wallet?


Sorry, you can’t buy bat to sync your mobile browser with uphold. You should be earning it by using the app.

You can go to uphold account and add your bank details and buy bat in that app. Read the rules and regulations as well before you start buying it.

Rohit552 is correct. I had the same thought to add BAT to be able to verify the mobile wallet, but discovered that the wallets on each device are treated separately. At this time, you have to just wait for it to accumulate through everyday use to hit that minimum to verify/ connect to your (Uphold) account - but there is talk of Brave eliminating the 25 min. requirement in a future rollout.

Also keep in mind, there is a lifetime limit of 4 wallets/ devices right now with Uphold. Gemini is another option, but only for Creators - the rest must wait for that rollout, too.

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