How can I build the installer?

I’m successfully building from the source code, but how can I build the installer? Specifically, BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe

@mattches @anon57438784 would you guys be able to help ?

@JakeParkerEL we use to produce the installers.


@ mherrmann Fantastic, thank you.

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Hey folks, I need to circle back around to this. I am successfully building the Omaha installer from Brave now, but I don’t see a clear way to build the standalone installer (aka the Metainstaller), and I also don’t see how to package my Brave build properly into the Omaha installer.

For context, the Release build of Brave I’m seeing on my end is over 30GB. I know a lot of this is pdb files, etc., but I’m lost on which files to include in the installer when I do eventually figure that step out.

To add to the mix, I also found this in my search, which makes me wonder if brave-core has the ability to build a standalone installer on it’s own already, but just doesn’t use yarn for the build step anymore.

hey @JakeParkerEL i am trying to build omaha, but failing to do so. can you suggest me some tips for building omaha or any issues that you faced. Might my issues overlap with what you faced.

I am facing issue specifically with the Scons