How can I build the installer?

I’m successfully building from the source code, but how can I build the installer? Specifically, BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe

@mattches @emi would you guys be able to help ?

@JakeParkerEL we use to produce the installers.

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@ mherrmann Fantastic, thank you.

Hey folks, I need to circle back around to this. I am successfully building the Omaha installer from Brave now, but I don’t see a clear way to build the standalone installer (aka the Metainstaller), and I also don’t see how to package my Brave build properly into the Omaha installer.

For context, the Release build of Brave I’m seeing on my end is over 30GB. I know a lot of this is pdb files, etc., but I’m lost on which files to include in the installer when I do eventually figure that step out.

To add to the mix, I also found this in my search, which makes me wonder if brave-core has the ability to build a standalone installer on it’s own already, but just doesn’t use yarn for the build step anymore.