How can I block users of brave browsers accessing my website?

Hi, I am a website owner.
I am currently using Ezoic to monitize my ads.
I don’t want users of brave browser to access my site.
I can do it by cloudflare but i am not sure what is Braves user agent.
How can do so?

What about other browsers with ad blockers, or with an ad blocking add on?

Your business model is doomed to failure.
Everybody blocks ads these days, even Microsoft. :sunglasses:

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Blocking user agent might not work. Currently, they have started the process of randomizing http headers, fonts and languages. Sooner or later, they will start randomizing user agent. The development for them seems to have stopped, but possibly start again.

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/96.0.4664.110 Safari/537.36

This is for linux, you will need to find for windows, macos, android yourself if others do help you.

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You can use adblock detector script .

Simple JavaScript stop user who not seeing ads…

Any browser any platform

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Afaik, ad-blockers have gotten good that they can bypass such scripts. Sometimes, they do not then the particular ad-blocker list needs to be tweaked for the particular site.

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Try this


I have added this list to my Brave ad blocker.

Normally I leave it unchecked to avoid bogging things down because it is usually not needed, but for the occasional problem site it goes back on.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s an arms race, and for the moment at least, the good guys are ahead. :sunglasses:


I don’t see how they are called (good guys).
I write some content (novels)and run some ads on it. My website policy include that fact. So any visitors should respect that.
If you can’t even see some ads (very few ads btw) and follow terms of use, I don’t know why should I let them access my content and how what they are doing is legal.
As for other business plans, I use kofi and patreon (membership sites), if you have money you can also access my content there. No ads.
I have my blog for those who can’t pay money. Ads make sure content is also available for them.
Sorry if you don’t like my response.
Have a good day.

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Nothing can be done about it. Users want a private, fast, ad-free experience while browsing the web bcuz they are barraged by trackers, are profiled, and frustrated due to annoyances caused by ads. Brave current monthly users are 50 million. Users who use ad-block extension like u-block origin or block ads via router by blocking connection to browser are even more.

It is perfectly legal, it as ad-block extension which won 6-7 cases in courts.

To subsidize publishers/creators who lose money by brave blocking ads, they compensate by allowing users to tip BAT (crypto). Millions of users tip BAT to content creators they like every month. Brave will also have Publisher ads like google ads which will be opt-in by user and the creator will get around 70-80% of cut from those ads.

Brave is not the only way to block ads on a website. There are 100 ways to effectively block ads on a website. More and more users are opting-in to block ads and have an ad-free browsing experience.
I get that you are frustrated as it hurts your income but nothing can be done about it. This problem has arised due to current way ads are served on internet by google and facebook, and the users is abused by them.

I would ask you to use Brave browser with ad-block turned on for 2-3 months. You might like the experience and will probably never go back to surfing a web filled with ads.

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Anyone who feels self righteous about presenting ads has a business model that should not exist. Shame on you. Stop being an enemy of human existence.


There is nothing bad about presenting ads. Ads have been used by businesses for hundreds of years (possibly thousands of years).
The problem I see is with the current ads (particularly google ads) are straight up obnoxious, filled with trackers and whatnot.

@Fleeting I think it’s all in how you look at it. First off, you could do a subscription model where people have to pay to access content. Brave doesn’t bypass those types of things.

As to getting money from Brave, you could become a Verified Creator and earn money from those of us with Brave who would be using the site. This is the benefit of Brave compared to extensions like Ublock Origins, AdBlock Plus, or the many other browsers and extensions that exist.

The reason why people block ads is because they had gotten intrusive and many also try putting in tracking cookies and all on browsers. To top it all off, people also ended up getting malware and all from those ads as well. You can see examples where this is discussed at the links below:

It’s true that some of those issues are on a decline, but much of that can be attributed to browsers like Brave which is protecting users. I understand you just want to have the extra income and you’re frustrated that there’s a lot of things that makes it more difficult. The thing is, the business model for websites are starting to change and it’s important to try to stay with or get ahead of it.

Btw, none of the people who responding to you here are associated with Brave. One of the people who does a lot of work with the adblock function of Brave is Fanboynz. If you want to DM them, they might be able to answer a bit more of what they can and can’t do for your website.


Just take your site down and give up.
Even if you do manage to get some ads show they pay almost nothing per 1000 views.

The age of making content to make money is over.