How can I block myself opening private windows?

How can I block myself opening private windows? I only use them when I watch adult content, but I am also on NoFap so I do not want to be able to open private windows to prevent future relapses. I do all of my general internet activities on a default window, so a private window only does bad for me.

I don’t think there’s an option to disable private windows, not that I know of.
[edit: see below, I was wrong.]

Generally speaking, it wouldn’t make much sense for a privacy oriented browser, and anything you can disable you can enable again anyways…

You have my sympathy for trying to overcome an addiction though, all I can say is that there’s no effective alternative to willpower, technical measures only help up to a point.
You literally have to “block yourself” before you “**ck yourself”.

Perhaps realizing that a private window is not much more than a “sandboxed” regular window that will delete cookies and history when it’s closed can help: I’ll take a wild guess that you are using private windows to avoid some significant other to know of your addiction, if so, be aware they aren’t bulletproof. Both the ISP and anyone on your LAN can find out what you are doing, private window or not.

There are several products to block obscene content, both browser extensions and system-wide firewalls of sorts. I can’t say how good they work because I never used one (my problem being with stuff like cigarettes and alcohol…), perhaps you may try one of those (the blockers, not the cigarettes and alcohol). BTW I just found this thread about “parental control” in Brave.

(fun fact: once I downloaded some “web security” software that also offered to scan your drive for pron. I clumsily gave it a go at work, forgetting I recently visited some warez sites… well it did its thing. They’re still laughing.)

Perhaps there’s also some ready-made blacklist for the ad blocker, it’s actually a rule-based content blocker not technically limited to hiding advertisements. And since said warez sites feature invasive adult sites advertisements, there are good chances.

Another thing I can advise is, if your router can blacklist domains (even if not available in the UI, I bet there’s at least an /etc/hosts), configure it to block all those xxx sites. Or have a friend do it for you and change the password afterwards. Just tell them you don’t want your kids to ever see that rubbish by accident but you don’t know how to do it. If you have kids that is, else find another excuse or if he’s a good friend just tell them the truth. That alone, sometimes helps.

Also, if you have a Good Reason to be clean (besides your own health and sanity and sex life), keep a picture or something else nearby to remind you why you are saying “no”.

Physical workout also helps. Any kind of addiction is an attempt to achieve some flimsy feeling of “well being” or “blowing off steam”, but nothing beats “having done something”. That has both a psychological and physiological reason. A sense of purpose, and endorphins flowing.

But I digressed, and now I go to drink beer work.

Hope it helps, be strong, don’t waste your “qi”.

Check @Mattches’ instructions from the thread below.

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