How can I add shortcuts and change my theme?

I srsly cant find anything how to add shortcuts for twitter, reddit, youtube etc… and when I download my theme it doesnt change it always shows the default new tab screen. If Brave would make it easy as chrome it would be a really good browser.

@Florianw0w Thanks for reaching out! You can find add shortcut option under More tools in hamburger menu.

You can change the theme from below settings, once you change the theme, chages are applied in new tab page.


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I use a theme but my browser still looks like default Default look I tried to create a shortcut for twitter, but it doesnt show up on the new tab.

can nobody help me with my problem?

@Florianw0w Once you create shortcuts, created shortcuts will be available in Desktop.


@Florianw0w Theme will only change URL bar and Tabs bar. Change theme will not change tab page, tab page will remain unchanged, we won’t allow any customization on tab pages.


I think @Florianw0w is running into this issue here:

This is likely why you’re not able to create working shortcuts – good news is that it’s likely to get fixed relatively soon (P2 priority).

Also, @gsarvadnya is correct about NTP images/backgrounds. However, we are working on a NTP refactor that will make the page more flexible and allow for more customization - including custom images that are used.
Appreciate your patience!

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is it possible that I can create shortcuts on my new tab page and not on my desktop?
Why you wont allow any customization to the tab page?

We’re working on this:

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