How can i add my website to brave search engine

As the proud owner of a platform that delivers concise and engaging lyrics, I am eager to explore the potential of Brave Search Engine and harness its reputation for prioritizing user privacy. My forum post serves as an open call to fellow members, asking for their insights, experiences, and guidance on the process of getting [] listed on the Brave Search Engine.

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Hey Brave Devs, can you just be straight with us about how to get our sites listed on your search engine?

@boomerlife they have. I know I’ve answered before as well. Brave uses Web Discovery Project as their crawler. So just getting people using Brave to visit your site will serve as the crawler and get it to show.

Do keep in mind that Brave doesn’t rerank searches. So if someone is wanting their website to appear closer to the top of results, there’s no way of doing that.

If you ever do something like a search for your website or business and it doesn’t show up at all or has inaccurate information, you canb submit feedback on the search. There’s a little gear icon image that appears on the upper right when you go to Brave Search and do a search. This gives you access to settings and the ability to submit feedback

You’d click on the Share Feedback button and then provide information. This goes to the Search team directly and they would review it.