How brave reward points (BATs) calculated? What are the criterias?

I am using brave browser from 2019 and earned 100+ BATs. But still I dont know how Brave Reward Points or BATs calculated? What is basis of BATs? If someone use brave browser, then how much BATs he get? and what is the criteria(s) (e.g. browsing time, blocked ads, brave ads etc.) for BATs.? Any know about that?

Each ad you see is associated with a specific amount of BAT (set by the advertiser). You can see the ads available in your region and their prices on this page:

The number of ads you see is controlled by your region, your device, and your ads-per-hour setting in your browser. There is a maximum of 40 ads per day. There is a maximum of 4 new-tab page (sponsored image) ads per hour and 20 NTP ads per day.

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