How brave do you account for the installation?

if the user has downloaded the browser by reference only?

if the user followed this link but not install but then went to the main page of and downloaded from there on that link

I will take into account this installation? thanks

if only the first option is taken into account, then I will ask the users to install using this link, if they take into account the transition, then I will not ask the users to install this link. Thanks if you clarify.

@hiqamig Brave only count downloads that use your referral link. Because this will download the installer that have your referral code. Then Brave check it when Brave opened for the first time.

If they download from then it’s a “normal” installer.

Hope that make it clear for you.

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yes, thanks. but this no very good i think. i give users info but no have profit. if user move not to instructions. i think need make all users go on to refer link and install brave from any page count for publisher. but brave think other.

I had the same question, using the referral link

If my user base for example install them on a Linux or Android devices

How does Brave count the installs in those cases?

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@rgarcia7 referral is not available for Linux. But do works for mobile. If they click “Download” button on your referral page, it’ll redirect them to Play Store/App Store.

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Thanks for your quick response ::slightly_smiling_face:
So it counts as an install is they go to the playstore from referral link?

And do you know, if in the future they are planning to track the installs on Linux?

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