How bad can this autofill be?


How hard can it make normal autofill? I visit in one site under domain I only use that one site. And autofill fills it with some crap I never use? How is it possible? I visit on that site like 10 times a day, and autofill loses it repeatedly. Its really makes me feel so bad. Suicidal, sorrow… Sadness. I will neveru se brave again before this thing is fixed. How can it be hard to make autofill follow the most used sites?


@Satanschild Thanks for the report. You can disable autofill under security settings

Hope this helps. But please note if you disable it, any address/credit card details saved in auto ill will not show up.

Alternately you can delete the autofill setting when you close brave so that what ever you enter in text fields will be removed when the browser is closed



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