How are torrents downloaded and why do I not get a choice what client is used?

I am still new, so I have to try to find my way around in Brave…

When I want to download f.e. a Linux distribution via torrent, then Brave gives me a choice between clicking on “torrent” and it starts downloading automatically, without informing me which client it uses, and it starts downloading ALL files in that torrent, without giving me the choice to select which I actually want… and as a second choice Brave offers me the magnet hash, which I then have to copy and manually enter into the torrent client I use…

I also do not get asked where I want the download to end up. I actually cannot find the download at all using explorer…?

How do I change that?

Thank you

You can disable the built-in webtorrent extension which will cause the browser to automatically prompt you to open the torrent file with the associated app on your machine. Note that, if you dont’ want to disable webtorrent, you can still do this by using the Save file (downward facing arrow) button on the webtorrent page.

Thank you

I checked the settings and could not find the webtorrent extension… I did use the “save file” option, but now cannot find where the download ended up. It is not in an of the user/… folders

Go to Menu --> Settings --> Extensions --> Webtorrent:

Thank you very much !!!

I just tried using the icon in the addressbar, I did not expect there are two different links to two totally different pages

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You’re very welcome!

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