How and when I can earn bat from brave to my Uphold wallet?

Hi all,
I’m using Brave browser in different pc and anyone is accumulating different BAT.

I’ve read I can support creators with bat accumulated but if I’d like to put that BAT in my Uphold wallet, how can do it and which is the minimum earned to move it from brave to uphold?

Thank you

@lucablue hi, when you verify your wallets the bat are sent to your uphold account automatically, the payment process start on the 5th of every month (the process can take several days)

Thank you for answer, so there is not a minimum before I can get the BAT?

Even if they are less of 1 BAT?

Thank you

PS What happens to bat rewards in browser where the wallet is not yet verified?

Thank you

They stay in the browser wallet, but can only be used for tip or contribute to creators.

Note that the bats con be lost if the browser is uninstalled/device formated

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