"Hot Button" to clear private data

I like to remove cookies and browsing history anytime I leave a given website, and I may do so several times during an hour-long browsing session. Presently, on Brave for iOS, this process requires several steps:

  1. Tap … (to get menu).
  2. Tap Settings (to get Settings dialog).
  3. Tap Clear Private Data (to get Clear Private Data dialog).
  4. Tap Clear Private Data (to get confirmation prompt).
  5. Tap Clear Private Data (to actually clear the data).
  6. Tap <Settings (to return to Settings dialog)
  7. Tap Done (to return to Brave home/new tab page, showing favorite website links).

I would greatly appreciate a top-level Clear button, appearing on every page/tab, just as the “…” button does now. A tap on my requested Clear button brings up a confirmation dialog (Cancel, Clear). Tapping Clear on the confirmation dialog actually clears, closes tabs, and returns to default New Tab page. The …/Settings/Clear Private Data dialog still allows the user to fine tune precisely what is cleared when the top level button is used.

I confess I got this idea from the DuckDuckGo browser for iOS; I find it to be a wonderful, labor saving feature. Saving my time and effort – that’s why I think it should be considered.

Thanks for your consideration,


Hi @Adam_Washington,

Thanks for writing in, and for your request! I’ll create an issue for it.

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