Horizontal lines when cursor over scroll bar

Hello there Brave people!

I recently got a new lap top. am running Linux Mint edge 20 “uma” on it. Have just set up Brave as it is my browser of choice. However, when i move and hover the cursor over the scroll bar (which is often), i get horizontal flashing lines appearing (glitching?)…it did not happen with my old lap top (that also had linux mint on it…19 i believe). Anyway, its well weird…i tried firefox, and no lines appeared there, but i want to use brave…any suggestions appreciated. I use nvidia driver version 470.63.01 (the recommended one). Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Maybe related to hardware acceleration? Try disabling via brave://settings/system is there a new Nvidia driver available?

hi…thanks for your response…i have already turned off hardware accelration…but, alas, no joy there. dont think there is a new driver avaliable…i believe its the latest one and i know it is the recommeded one…i will double check, but thanks and any other suggestions appreciated.

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