Hootsuite display problems

From the Hootsuite website, when composing a post to a platform (tweet, IG, etc) to edit the image a side panel opens with editing options. The panel display functions correctly in Chrome browser, but in Brave I can’t get a ‘stable’ display; it flickers. The ability to use Hootsuite in the same browser as all my other publishing products is desirable.
Open new Hootsuite tab or window in Brave, attempt to edit image again, same result

  1. Open new Hootsuite tab or window
  2. Click on new post, select desired platform for post
  3. Upload or select media from library; edit media to conform to platform size requirements
  4. Hootsuite editor panel opens left, select Transform; platform image options appear in panel; platform image size should appear clearly, but flicker off and on instead

**When selecting Transform, image option size panel should display clearly and be available to select appropriate image size **

Brave Version: v 0.68.132

Windows 10 Home
v. 1903
Installed 8/9/2019
OS Build 18362.295

Was going to try it, but I see its not free. Does the site work okay with Sheilds off?

Does the flickering stop if you disable Hardware acceleration?
Settings -> System -> Use hardware acceleration when available [disable]

Just checked it again. Yes, the shields are off, that was my first attempted fix. Hardware acceleration is disabled, too. I even tried it with AdBlocker Plus disabled, and that didn’t make any difference. So, I am really stumped.

Here’s a link to see if you can access the free version of Hootsuite that I’m using. Think of it as Hootsuite Lite. Only 3 social profiles are supported, which is all I need.


Testing on my end (free version you linked to – thanks for that!), I’m able to reproduce the issue on my end as well.

I went ahead and opened an issue to capture data on this so the devs can take a look:

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Grateful for the help…I knew that I wasn’t dreaming. Thanks for improving my description of the issue, too. Love this browser!

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