Homepages that have functions blocked by brave

I was thinking istead of having a bunch of “[homepage.com]dosent work with brave filters” We could all have them collected here n support could check it rutinely to make sure the filters r A match to todays runnin.

Deez r 2 homepages that have either Youtube blocked or that Auto-play is invalid, I just have the original filters runnin(no additional) n they r as following:

  1. Tinychat.com
    As Admin mode - playing yt videos the following blocking:

  2. Infowars.com/watch-alex-jones-show
    Duznt even show the “play” icon the following blocked:
    https://directus.libertycdn.com:8080/ /items/infowars_ads

I understand its Some or Someone of deez thats blocking but i hav no idea how to disable just a few :thinking: :v:

Might not able to test tinychat, since I don’t have admin access. But fixed infowars, see update in the next 24-48hrs.

oh sry it should have bin “mod” :laughing: just type in "tinychat.com/room/jasdjasofjsdoifjso n u will automaticly have mod

i c that its “fixed” now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFzU-SkFyww party :partying_face: !

now my “only” problem is dat im lonely n want my soulm8s :cry: i there an open source community for friends aswell? :disappointed_relieved:

  1. https://stranger.se/chat (stranger.se -> chatta med främling(chat with a stranger) -> -ll- )


  1. strangermeetup.com (-ll-)

Idk if the Stranger site(s) r fixd yet but im adding an additional 2 pages that not necessaraly have adds blocking dem but who duznt work/load in brave fully either :unamused:

  1. https://www.ezcapechat.com
    duz only have 1 tracker blocked n it isnt that that duznt make it load so this gotta b checked on a deeper lvl…

n then the emojis (again)… ive taken this up earlier but nothing has bin dun on the over a year thats passd since mentioning… we NEED a proper emoji access to run internet flawless, n with that said: FULL ACCESS!
2. https://getemoji.com/
got the following blocked n i havent “tried” unshielding it hence I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH _ _ _ _ _ _ :fearful: :v:

This may fix it, give it 24-48hrs.

partly solved, https://strangermeetup.com/chat (the main chat) is still unvalid n idk if that goes for all the diffrent countries…

Now for another site.
Browser Skype
Not able to make video- and regular calls. (the call symbols r grey/un-clickable)

Okay, https://github.com/easylist/easylist/commit/54ec4cbfae43ef7fa2756087898496b3233fbf84

When to proceed to checkout nothing happens n a error message appears. There’s seemlingly no blox so i might have to take this(these) ärends seperatly in just Support trubleshoot, u just let me know in within 48h n i’ll take this n the other homepages that u havnt ansrd to a specific thread :exclamation: :v:

I had no issues adding a tshirt to cart, and customising the shirts seems fine here.

well its the next step “GO TO CHECKOUT” that eventually leads u back to the previous page n with a pinkmarked long error message on the top of ur order

This is what I see https://secure.fanboy.co.nz/gif/godsnomasters.gif without purchasing anything

yes it wörx naw, maybe they changed it i tried reaching out to the comp. abou’ the very issue, altho i dont think i got thru on any of the mails i sniffed up, it shouldve bin the messge i sent thru the proceeded webmaster error message i somewhat seemed to get to. k, do u mind checking the other sites aswell;
web.skype.com (maybe need to be signed in to check if u can call)
n https://getemoji.com/

create seperate reports and detail where exactly its failing, so I can reproduce it.

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