Homepage won't load


Since the latest update, my homepage won’t load when opening Brave. I have gone to settings and made sure that it is set to load the homepage. And, that my homepage is set. But it still just opens to the generis start page.


Please take a screenshot and paste it here to troubleshoot, thanks


Mine one, too ! Please somebody tell me how to fix this ?


Is this means I put my home page screen shot here ?! No way !


I have the same problem but more. As I attempted to go to brave.com to look around for other people with similar issues, I got a black screen of death with a little unhappy face, similar to the can’t play video icon (I don’t have flash on.) And after I opened edge to check if I could duplicate, I also ran into more issues. The brave browser I left open, killed the entire computer. The entire screen went to black and the mouse, which was still visible was cycling between wait state commands and flickering. (rotating circles, etc.) These popped up:

This is the first time brave has crapped out this bad.


Why don’t you maximize the browser window?

Without additional info unfortunately nobody can know what is going on there


If I can ask you to your nationality , are you Japanese ? I am. Can you speak Japanese , I’m wondering ?


Yes it’s fine too me. Let’s open a new topic and keep discussion there.

Homepage won't load (in Japanese)

I use multiple sites for home page separated by |. After the update I get the new tab page on startup rather than my usual cluster. It gives me the new tab page even with only a single page as home. Just tested.

And if I change new tab page to a single home page, I get the home page on startup. If I used multiple sites separated by | as the home page, then it uses the extra as parameters or something.


Dear OldFart
Yes ! I just fixed that .
I just changed click on " New Tab shows …" to changed Home page,too.

So now “Brave start with…” Home page. and " A new tab shows…" also Home page.to set .

Thank you Thank you Thank you !


I have the same issue, but it’s not just the homepage… It is a lot of websites i got to even your’s…

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