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i had to reinstall my pc and when i reinstalled brave i then disabled the news and now the homepage wont launch . Im actually getting a bit pissed off with this browser and all this extra crap i just dont want . Now the one thing i do like I cant use .All the reasons why i stopped using chrome and edge , it seems to have just transfferred to brave ., I want nothing , just the browser . I got to sit for god knows how long just to get rid of crap . Im very tempted to just move on . ive already gotten rid of duckduckgo with all there crap . My homepage wont launch , why not ? can i not just have the basic browser homepage with the top sites ,nothing else . How do i also get rid of this tor crap aswell now

Hello @jasonv, thank you for bringing this to our attention. You can disable the cards and other stuff by going to Customize on the homepage > Cards > Then turn it OFF In case the home page is not responding try deleting cookies and cache. Let us know if that resolves your concern. Regards.

Hi Jorge . i reinstalled it , infact going through the config now , think that error i was getting was a bit unique. But having said that I’m not happy with all this addon rubbish , why does it have to be part of the browser,( i can only guess its there because otherwise it will never be known ). I still have brave ., but have decided to make internet explorer with start page search engine my default browser . Also curious to see how long it will be used for before its totally useless . All this extra crap on the browser is truly annoying . I can understand having a small advertizers section to generate some income . If done reasonably I would even look at thebut the way it is now im not interested . I just want a browser . I do wish you guys the best but i think im out . Thanks for the response , much appreciated

You’re welcome, if you have any other concern we will be here to help you. Regards.

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