Homepage shortcut?



Is there any homepage keyboard shortcut?

I’ve tried every shortcut I can think of for going to the homepage but none work.


It is “about:newtab” :wink:


Thanks for the response but this isn’t what I need.

I have a specific homepage assigned. In the settings I have it setup to appear on a new tab, or when you click the home button.

“about:newtab” takes me to the default new tab which I’m already overriding in the settings.

I’m looking for a keyboard shortcut that does what the home button does. (BTW, home button is hidden by default, has to be enabled in settings).


cc @clifton for comment


Hi @clondike7 Currently there is no shortcut for opening homepage. Only work around is to set the new tab to home page. This is feature missing , I have logged an issue for this feature to be implemented. You can track it here

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