Homemade rewards payments calculations

hi everybody, the purpose of this thread is to try to understand how the payments work.

the system currently is supposed to pay the BAT earned from 1st to the last day of the previous month.

I started this experiment on April 07, took this screenshots before the April payout was deducted from my pending rewards earned from 1 - 31 of March.

I was expecting to receive ±7.1 BAT, so is good I guess

the deduction happened on april 09 as seen in the next screenshot

8.830 - 7.05 = 1.78
2.075 - 1.78 = 0.295 ; 0.295 for 28 new ads, still good

since then until April 30 I managed to accumulate 4.405 Bat

but lets not forget that those 410 ads belong to the month of May then:
4.405 for 410 ads. at that time I still was getting ads worth 0.015 and some lucky ones worth 0.025 before the reduction attacked

now I got the May payout for the Bat earned from 1st to 30th of April.
my pay came on May 09…

this is a more notable difference 4.405 pending rewards, 4.10 received :thinking: … did the system tried to pay me based only in the ad counter?

anyway this are my estimated pending rewards up to today May 10th before the payment deduction, for the next calculation


May 12th before April payment deduction

May 13th after deduction:

5.535 - 4.1 = 1.435
1.523 - 1.435 = 0.088 ; 19 new ads at the new ad value, 0.05 should have given me 0.95 Bat...

and I know 0.05 is not the only value of ads, but if the catalog says the ads pay that amount then they should… I add this because I notice bybit ads sometimes pay only half the value stated in the catalog.

that’s all for today, have a nice day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi thanks for the feedback. This can be confusing because there are portions that can carry over from month to month, based on the why the protocol works. To support user privacy, the browser can sometimes hold on to tokens that have to instead carry over to the next payout. And you also may be seeing carry over from the previous month. We are working on creating a new interface that better explains all of this.


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