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Hi, I have just been trying out Brave Browser for iPhone (iOS) and was wondering how I can set my home page / new tab page?


are you sure you want to eat data to load a page when you’re not on wifi? or do you have unlimited data plan?
me, I like the blank tab.


My home page doesn’t use data. It is just my common sites and all text.

Either way, up to me if I wanted to use data isn’t it? That’s why it would be an option…


completely up to you, correct. just making sure you knew what was going on.
bookmark it?


Currently there is no means to set a homepage. You can delete entries on the new tab page by long-pressing on one of them. A set of ‘x’ buttons should then appear.


That is a shame… any plans to have that option?

At least I can delete them, but, how do I add links to the new tab page?


The new tiles get automatically added based on the number of visits. These tiles that get added will be removed if you clear history.


Not very customisable app is it :frowning:

So if I visit the site enough, when I delete one I don’t want in that new tab page, will it come back if I visit it again?


Ideally if you delete and visit the site once it should not be added back as a top site. Would require a minimum amount of visits for it to be added back as top site. We do have an issue logged for the top sites to be retained when clearing the browsing data

cc @garvan for thoughts


@spaldo We have a ticket for improvements to the new tab page. We are planning on adding the option to disable the top sites, &/or set a default home page (e.g. google.com). If you have any additional ideas for this feature, please let us know! Thanks for your time to write us on the community page here. We are continually improving stability and adding additional features, so we appreciate your patience!


@joel thanks for the reply. Can’t wait for that enchancement to happen :slight_smile:


@joel I’m an idiot. Found the pref to set.

@joel Hi Joel. Just a bit of feedback…I’m not a fan of the “cluttered” new tab default…that I can’t customize or change (if I’ve understood this correctly!). I don’t like or need to see how many ads, trackers etc have been blocked.

Otherwise, there is much to love about Brave.


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