Home Page Icon - Android 7


Hi there

I have Brave Mobile installed on my Sony Z3 Compact (Android 6), this has the ability to set ‘Home Page’ > On in settings.
I acquired a Huawei phone (Android 7) and installed Brave from the Play Store, this app doesn’t seem to have any option called ‘Home Page’ under settings? Could you advise as it’s super nice to use to quickly click ‘Home’ and you’re back on the home page of your choosing. Refer screenshot from my Sony, the circled example under settings does not appear on the Brave app on my Nougat 7 device


I’m not sure about this because I’m not see that Home page setting too.
cc @Serg for comment.


@Samurai what happens when you click on it? It is a device manufacture related button. Thanks.


Hiya Serg

Not sure I understand, click on what exactly?
On the Nougat 7 device there is no ‘Home Page’ option listed in Brave Mobile settings?



@Samurai I meant if you click on the Home button on your Sony device. Thanks.


Hi Serg

I have attached the screen shots in relation to clicking on 'Home Page > on" as well as clicking the actual home page icon (from the Sony device)



I’m having a similar problem, except it started with a Brave upgrade.

I’m running Brave on a Samsung Android tablet. When the app upgraded to 1.0.41 yesterday the homepage button disappeared and so did the homepage setting in the settings menu.

I previously had homepage set to my bookmarks. This made it easy to navigate to places I visit frequently. I really wanted bookmarks to open with every new blank tab, but it was easy enough to hit the homepage button.

Now there is no homepage button. How do I get it back?