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While the new tab page is just as nice as ever, the icons for frequently-visited websites are too low res for most modern screens.


We’ve been talking internally about how to address this issue. We’re aware that the quality of favicon/tiles aren’t up to par yet. Thank you for your feedback and keep a lookout as we update the build.


Mine will freeze for several seconds every time I open a new tab.

@deadhead, your what will freeze?

Yes. Every time I open a blank tab Brave will freeze for several seconds and sometimes even crash.

Can you please open a new topic and describe the issue in more detail?

Can you please open a new topic and describe the issue in more detail?

Just wondering has there been any update to this situation. I am currently using Brave in 2022, and I am still facing this issue. Seeing as you are aware in 2018, I was wondering if this problem is only on my software, and if there is anything I can do to fix it, because it does bug me somewhat to see pixelated icons.

I know that we have changed this for many popular icons but some sites may still appear pixelated. Can you share a screenshot of how they appear on your end?

Thank you for the screenshot — I will pass this information onto the team for review.

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