Home Button missing


After Brave Browser update a week agoThe Home Button (in Brave) is missing in my Lenovo yoga tab 3, Android 6.0.1 How can I get the button baçk? Settings - Home Page is On. Chrome://flags - chrome home Android is set to default (even tried enabled )


The home button was taken out by the developers. As many people thought the home button had taken up a lot of space.


Hi @que

@tomatoshadow2 is correct. However, we have an issue logged to make this an optional feature. It can be tracked here: https://github.com/brave/browser-android-tabs/issues/292.



Thanks for information

As I understand it, I cannot enable the home page due to the firmware in my Lenovo tablet.
What a pity, it was such an easy way to my bookmarks. Tanks / que


Hi @que

Brave will be bringing the home button back as an optional feature, we hope this will help.



The home button should be reintroduced as a matter of urgency.
Recent reviewers on Google Play are consistently marking down this excellent browser due to the removal of the home facility… check it out! The response from Brave is a very lame “it was taking up too much space but we’re making it switchable”.
What is the thought process here? Surely, an important feature like the home button should have been made switchable before even considering discarding it. Alternatively, of course, the icons accompanying the search bar could simply have been made smaller.


@drmjlovell - an update was just released that should bring back the home button. Could you please update your Android version and let us know if the issue is resolved for you?



The Home Button is back!
Much appreciated.



Thanks for the update @que!



I am using brave 1.0.27 my android 4.1.2 and the home button is still missing


Hi @EsmailaEsmail - Just to confirm, did you have the home button previously? It was manufacturer provided, so not all devices had a home button in Brave.

cc: @Serg



Having just set up Brave ver 0.18.14 on my win10 machine. There is no Home button visible in this version. Any chance of one appearing, or is it a case of always opening a new tab?


Apologies, just found it from another post,


Android 5.1, Brave 1.0.30. No Home button here.


Same here, Android 5.1.1, Brave 1.0.30