Home Button is disappared


Home button is disappared, I need it. Version 1.0.40 on Android 6.
Brave is the best!


Did you have one previously? (it is currently manufacturer provided)

Try opening settings and see if you have a ‘Home page’ setting and it is maybe turned to ‘off’?



Hi, I’ve open settings but I don’t have Home page tool, so I can’t swich on-off. In the last version I’ve home page settings. I don’t know why


Which version do you have?



Brave 1.0.40 on Wiko ufeel with Android 6


If you tap the back arrow in that screenshot above, can you post a screenshot of that page?




My home page settings menu option, and my home button both disappeared when I upgraded to 1.0.42. Very disappointed.


I’m currently running 1.0.43 (beta) on Android and the home button is missing (again).


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