Home Button in Android Broken

Description of the issue:
Using Brave browser in Android with latest update. Whenever I tap on Home button in bottom toolbar, it takes long time to switch to the homepage which is the default one (chrome://newtab/). I’m not sure why this happens… it was instant but in the recent updates it shows lag. Happens in all websites.

Please sort it out and make it instant.

Brave Version: Version: 1.8.112

Mobile Device details: using Xiaomi Redmi 7

Additional Information: even tried Brave browser beta (Version: 1.9.75), has the same problem.

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Same issue, Android 9, Xiaomi Redmi 8, Brave version 1.8.112. I turned off background images, still the same.

I’m not sure if this is a RAM issue… but occurs most often. I just tried the beta app, same problem happens there too… If someone from the developers team could address this it’ll be helpful.

Still happening on 1.10.99.

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